BUTAOTOME – Moonlight // 月光

Moonlight (月光, gekkou)

Wiccan Music Room (魔女たちの音楽室, majotachi no ongakushitsu) – Track 2
Released 2018-05-06 (Reitaisai 15)

Arrangement & lyrics: Comp (コンプ)
Vocals: Ranko (ランコ)
Guitar & bass: Comp (コンプ)
Keyboard: Paprika (パプリカ)
Based on Selene’s light from Touhou Gensoukyou – Lotus Land Story (東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story).

Lyrics transcription and romaji from Tiramisu Cowboy.

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BUTAOTOME – Pure Joy // 清らかな幸福

Pure Joy (清らかな幸福, kiyoraka na koufuku)

Touhou: Stage Three Compilation (東方参面録, touhou sanmenroku) – Track 3
Released: 2016-10-16 (Aki Reitaisai 3)

Arrangement: Comp (コンプ)
Vocals: Ranko (ランコ)
Guitar & Bass: Comp (コンプ)
Keyboard: Paprika (パプリカ)
Based on Akutagawa Ryuunosuke’s “Kappa” – Candid Friend (芥川龍之介の河童 ~ Candid Friend) from Touhou Fuujinroku – Mountain of Faith (東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith.).

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BUTAOTOME – Exit/Entry // 出口入口

Exit/Entry (出口入口, deguchi iriguchi)

GITADORA Matixx Original Soundtrack by KONAMI – Track 9, disc 1
Released 2020-07-15

Composer & lyrics: Comp (コンプ)
Vocals: Ranko (ランコ)
Art by Ranko no Ane (ランコの姉)

Tiramisu Cowboy

The 30th was translation day, apparently! It has certainly been a productive one.

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BUTAOTOME – Won’t Betray You Again // もう二度と裏切らない (from Riverside Parade)

Won’t Betray You Again (もう二度と裏切らない, mou nido to uragiranai)

TOUHOU PARTYBOX 02 (東方PARTYBOX02) by Melonbooks Records – Track 7, disc 1
Released: 2016-08-13 (Comiket 90)
Riverside Parade – Track 6
Re-released 2019-5-5, Reitaisai 16 (previously on 東方PARTYBOX 2 by Melonbooks Records)

Arrangement: Comp (コンプ)
Vocals & lyrics: Ranko (ランコ)
Based on The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl (時代親父とハイカラ少女) from Touhou Seirensen – Undefined Fantastic Object (東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object.).

Love this song ever since I heard it in the TOUHOU PARTYBOX 02 sample. I remember guessing which track this was based on, as they didn’t write it on the website and it wasn’t really clear from the sample.

Lyrics transcript and romaji can be found at Tiramisu Cowboy.

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BUTAOTOME – Autumnal Path // 秋色小径

Autumnal Path (秋色小径, shuushoku komichi)

Touhou Compilation CD-BOOK Suiseisou 2 (東方 Compilation CD-BOOK 萃星霜 弐) by Melonbooks Records – Track 9 / 12, disc 1
Released 2018-12-30, Comiket 95

Arrangement & Lyrics: Comp (コンプ)
Vocals: Ranko (ランコ)
Bass & Guitar: Comp (コンプ)
Keyboard: Paprika (パプリカ)
Based on September Pumpkin (九月のパンプキン) from Touhou Kanjuden – Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.).
Art by zennmai siki (染谷真衣).

My favourite song from Comiket 95. For the full Japanese and romaji lyrics, please visit Tiramisu Cowboy, the BUTAOTOME fansite.

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