ZYTOKINE feat. aki – Frozen

ZYTOKINE feat. aki

50/50 – Disc 1, Track 6
Released: 2017-08-11 (Comiket 93)

Arrangement & Lyrics: Linjin (隣人)
Vocals: itori

Based on:
The Eternal Frozen Capital (凍り付いた永遠の都) from Touhou Kanjuden – Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. (東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.)

灼けつくほどの 冷たい夢を視た
目覚めることなく 白い夢を射る
揺れる 残火
yaketsuku hodo no – tsumetai yume wo mita
mezameru koto naku – shiroi yume wo iru
yureru – zan
It was such a cold dream, it felt like I was burning
There I was, all alone
With no way for me to wake up, I take a shot at this white dream
Now it’s all shaking, what remained of those flames

凍りついて 砕け散って
流す涙さえ 頬を斬りつける
kooritsuita – kudakechitte
nagasu namida sae – hoho wo kiritsukeru

Completely frozen and smashed up
As even the tears I shed cut through my cheeks

この歪んだ 愛の意味も
温かいその手で どうか もう凍らせて
kono yuganda – ai no imi mo
atatakai sono te de – douka – mou koorasete

It’s all warped, even the meaning of love
As my warm hands still freezes it

焦げつく心 冷たい夢を視る
幸せの意味を はき違えたまま
響く 残歌
kogetsuku kokoro – tsumetai yume wo miru
chuu wo mau
shiawase no imi wo – hakichigaeta mama
hibiku – zanka

I dreamt something so cold, it’s etched on my mind
I was soaring in the air
The meaning of happiness – I still have it wrong
Echoing around, was the rest of that song

凍りついて 揺れられたら
二度と離れずに ずっとそばにいてよ
kooritsukte – yureraretara
nido to hanarezu ni – zutto soba ni ite yo

Completely frozen, when trying to sway
I won’t ever let go of you, you’ll always be by my side

嘘だらけの 愛の温度
凍えそうな嘘でいいから 温めて
uso darake no – ai no ondo
kooesou na uso de ii kara – atatamete

The temperatures of love that’s full of lies
Those frozen-like lies are fine, they’ll warm up

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