A-One feat. Koshida “Rute” Takahito & Aki – Wonderful Flower

A-One feat. Koshida “Rute” Takahito & Aki
Wonderful Flower

Keikei Uta (繋々歌) by Hakurei Jinja Utau Matsuri – Track 2
Released: 2018-10-14 (Aki Reitaisai 5)

Arrangement: ELEMENTAS
Vocals: Koshida “Rute” Takahito (越田Rute隆人) & Aki (あき)
Lyrics: Yassie
Based on The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl (時代親父とハイカラ少女) from Touhou Seirensen – Undefined Fantastic Object. (東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object.).

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A-One feat. Aki – Winter Frame

A-One feat. Aki
Winter Frame

Touhou Compilation CD-BOOK Suiseisou 2 (東方 Compilation CD-BOOK 萃星霜 弐) by Melonbooks Records – Disc 2, Track 12
Released: 2018-12-31 (Comiket 95)

Arrangement: ELEMENTAS
Vocals: Aki (あき)
Lyrics: Yassie
Based on Tengu Is Watching – Black Eyes (天狗が見ている ~ Black Eyes), Wind Circulation – Wind Tour (風の循環 ~ Wind Tour) and Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country (東の国の眠らない夜) from Touhou Bunkachou – Shoot the Bullet. (東方文花帖 ~ Shoot the Bullet.)

Art by Yuki () from Popopo (ぽぽぽ).

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A-One feat. Aki – Give it a Like

Album cover featuring Sumireko Usami

A-One feat. Aki
Give it a Like

TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.20 秘封ナイトメアダイアリー [Track 1 / 6]
Released 2018-12-30 (Comiket 95)

Arrangement: DJ Command from Eurobeat Union
Vocals: Aki (あき), Mie (みぃ) from GET IN THE RING, yukina from TUMENECO
Lyrics: Yassie
Based on Lunatic Dreamer (ルナティックドリーマー) from Hifuu Nightmare Diary – Violet Detector (秘封ナイトメアダイアリー).

You’d think that such short lyrics would be easy, but because this is only really my second translation I still have to get used to all the different writing styles. Also, some things just make sense in Japanese while translated will sound rather awkward.

I actually decided to write all romanized English words in how they’re pronounced in the song, just so I can squeeze in that Hifuu Kurabu wordplay.

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