BUTAOTOME – Won’t Betray You Again // もう二度と裏切らない (from Riverside Parade)

Won’t Betray You Again (もう二度と裏切らない, mou nido to uragiranai)

TOUHOU PARTYBOX 02 (東方PARTYBOX02) by Melonbooks Records – Track 7, disc 1
Released: 2016-08-13 (Comiket 90)
Riverside Parade – Track 6
Re-released 2019-5-5, Reitaisai 16 (previously on 東方PARTYBOX 2 by Melonbooks Records)

Arrangement: Comp (コンプ)
Vocals & lyrics: Ranko (ランコ)
Based on The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl (時代親父とハイカラ少女) from Touhou Seirensen – Undefined Fantastic Object (東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object.).

Love this song ever since I heard it in the TOUHOU PARTYBOX 02 sample. I remember guessing which track this was based on, as they didn’t write it on the website and it wasn’t really clear from the sample.

Lyrics transcript and romaji can be found at Tiramisu Cowboy.

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Hatsunetsumiko’s – Asymmetry

Album cover, featuring Aya Shameimaru

Hatsunetsumiko’s (発熱巫女~ず)
Asymmetry (アシンメトリー)

Slow (Track 2 / 5)
Released 2019-05-05 (Reitaisai 16)

Arrangement: Tim Vegas
Vocals: EL.J
Lyrics: Keiko Uda (宇田敬子)
Based on A Pair of Divine Beasts (一対の神獣) from Touhou Tenkuushou – Hidden Star in Four Seasons (東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.).

An absolutely wonderful, chill track that I tend to expect from Hatsunetsumiko’s. This time released under a new project title, “Binetsumiko’s 37.1℃ ” (微熱巫女〜ず37.1℃), which is only a slight fever compared to their actual name. Appropriately, the album is called SLOW.

The lyrics this time has barely anything to do with Aunn, by the way.

Translating the song went by faster than expected. However, the translated sentences are much more fluid this time, as the original lyrics has a lot of cut of sentences. I had to fill in the gaps myself, basically, meaning there is much more personal bias this time around.

No Japanese lyrics by the way, as per Releska’s permission list.

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MUON KAGURA – Farewell, and thank you. / さよなら。ありがとう。(from Sign)

Farewell, and thank you. (さよなら。ありがとう。, Sayonara. Arigatou.)

Sign (Track 2 / 8)
Released 2019-05-05 (Reitaisai 16)

Arrangement: Kpon (けぇぽん)
Vocals & lyrics: Mai Kotohge (小峠 舞)
Based on Capital City of Flowers in the Sky (天空の花の都) from Touhou Youyoumu – Perfect Cherry Blossom (東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom.).

First translation! For one of my Japanese language classes I chose to translate a song, with teacher supervision. Because of that I’m not confident enough with my Japanese. There were plenty of words in this song alone that had me scratching my head at either the intended meaning or what “feeling” it tried to convey. For this reason I’d kindly request anyone to NOT repost the translation. Also, at the bottom there will be a small list of interesting vocabulary.

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